ColorStorm Turret Sprinkler – Yellow


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Perfect for lawns, gardens and kids!

  • Great for small and large yards.

  • 9 water patterns to choose from.

  • Multiple spray patterns allow you the flexibility to water only the area you need watered.

  • Spray patterns range from a full circle to half-circle to narrow rectangle and many more.


Features 9 water patterns, perfect for lawn and garden care plus great for kids. Allows the flexibility to water only the area you need watered. This popular tool has a durable, heavy-duty metal base with molded hook for easy storage. Accent your lawn with superior design and function with this sprinkler.

Made in Taiwan

Made from zinc, and high-impact plastic

L” X W” X H“: 8.5″ X 8.5″ X 2.5”

Weight: 0.65 lbs.

Coverage Area: 250 – 575

Flow Rate: 4.500 – 6.00 gpm

Pressure Range: 30 – 90

Suitable for Low Pressure Use? No. 🙁

Recommended Sprinkler Usage Time per Week: 35 minutes – 1 hour 20 minutes

  • Based upon the rule of thumb of providing one-inch of total water to your lawn per week. Total water delivery includes; watering, rain and other sources of water. Warmer, more arid regions may require more. Some regions may require less.
  • These rates are based upon the lawn receiving no other source of water during the week.
  • Recommendation based upon sprinkler coverage area: divide your watering area by sprinkler coverage and multiply that ratio to the recommended time.
  • Flow rate and coverage area assumes water pressure from spigot is approximately ~ 40 psi
  • For other sprinklers, download Dramm’s Recommended Sprinkler Durations [PDF]


Weight 0.91875 lbs
Dimensions 8.500 × 8.500 × 2.500 in

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