Replacement Sprinkler Filter/Washer

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Sprinkler Replacement Washer with Filter

A replacement filter/washer for your Dramm lawn sprinkler.

Dramm lawn sprinkler replacement filter-washers fit all Dramm lawn sprinklers preventing  leaks at the coupling of your garden hose  and hose-end watering tools. Made from quality synthetic rubber and stainless steel. Dramm washers stay soft and pliable for years, with the fine stainless steel mesh prevents debris from clogging your sprinkler.

Dramm Garden Hose Sprinkler Replacement Filter-Washer

Great for debris-free, leak-free hose connections to your sprinkler and just about any standard 5/8″ garden hose coupling or hose-end watering tool.

Contains: 1 Replacement Sprinkler Washer-Filters. Or is it a Filsher?… a Washlter?

Made in Taiwan
Made from Virgin Neoprene

Length x Width x Height
1.00″ x 1.00″ x 0.5″

Weight: 0.03125 lbs. [ 0.5 oz. ]


Weight 0.03125 lbs
Dimensions 1.000 × 1.000 × 0.500 in


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