Rechargeable Backpack Sprayer


Rechargeable, battery powered backpack sprayer that rests comfortably on your back. Two-hour operating time after a 12-hour charge. 4 gallon tank. Adjustable pressure up to 150 psi. Adjustable spray pattern from a 25 foot stream to a fine mist.

The Dramm Backpack Sprayer is a rechargeable, battery powered sprayer that fits comfortably on your back. The padded back rest and comfort straps reducing stress points and fatigue.

Operating at a maximum pressure of 150 psi, the Dramm Rechargeable Backpack Sprayer offers an adjustable pressure knob for flexibility spraying. Using the high-pressure setting, the BP-4 atomizes spray solutions better than other backpack sprayers, ensuring excellent coverage. The battery operated pump ensures a constant pressure and flow rate, ideal for a uniform application of herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers. The sprayer can also apply oil-based, solvent-based, and 5% chlorine-based liquids, diesel fuel, stains an sealers.

On a full, overnight 12 hour charge, the BP-4 can run for up to 2 hours. The 4 gallon tank capacity is just the right size for spot treatments or concentrated applications, but small enough to still be comfortable to wear.

The Dramm BP-4 comes with a spray lance with a dual fan nozzle and an adjustable cone nozzle that adjusts the spray from a stream of 25 feet to a fine mist.


Weight 16.95 lbs
Dimensions 16.125 × 13.500 × 22.625 in

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