¾″ Dramm Hose End Mender Set


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Garden Hose Coupling Replacement Parts

Upgrade your garden hose couplings with Dramm’s ¾″ Garden Hose End Mender Set. The set contains both male and female hose end fittings with screw-tight clamps.

  • Crush-proof nickel plated, brass fittings
  • Easy Tighten Clamps
  • Easy DIY Fix

Repair Any ¾″ Garden Hose – Easy Garden Hose Fix!

DIY Install Instructions

    1. Trim the old garden hose coupling(s) from your garden hose. Use a sharp hose cutting tool or blade to make a clean and square cut (90° to the hose length).
    2. Slide a clamp onto an end of your ¾″ hose. Push it a few inches past the very end so you have room to work.
    3. Insert the male or female coupling into your ⅝” garden hose. You may want to let the hose-end lay in the sun or soak in some warm water to make it more pliable.
    4. Slide the clamp over the area where the coupling was inserted. The clamp should be directly over the ribbed part of the coupling that’s inserted into the hose.
    5. Tighten both screws. Tighten the first screw only a couple turns, and the second screw with 2 or 3 turns. Alternating back and forth so the clamp closes evenly. Continue to tighten the clamp until no leaks occur.
    6. Repeat the procedure for the other end of your hose.

Dramm ColorStorm ¾″ Hose End Mender Set

The Hose End Mender Set is designed to repair all ¾″ garden hoses. Male and female hose end included. Made with nickel-plated brass fittings, die-cast zinc and aluminum clamps for years of rustproof use. Leak proof and re-usable.

    • Premium construction for maximum strength and durability
    • Repairs and mends all ¾″ garden hoses.
    • Made in Taiwan according to Dramm specifications
    • Die-cast metal clamps for long-term outdoor durability


Weight .6125 lbs
Dimensions 1.75 × 1.625 × 1.1875 in


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