Water Breaker Protection Ring


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The protection ring part for the outer-edge of Dramm Water Breaker® brand nozzles. Fits (loosley) on 400PL, 750PL and 1000PL  Water Breaker® models. Ring only. Water Breaker® nozzle sold separately.

This is a “part” and not entirely appropriate as an add-on accessory since it fits so loosely. However, if you’re crafty and want a hack, learn how to retrofit a Water Breaker Protection Ring below.

Please Note:

The Water Breaker Protection Ring fits loosely on Dramm Water Breaker Nozzles and can slip off very easily. Dramm nozzles that include the protection ring have them sonically welded to the plastic Water Breaker.

To Retrofit and Add a Protection Ring to Standard Dramm Plastic Water Breaker Nozzles

You can use super glue to permanently affix the protection rings, however it’s recommended that you use something a bit thicker, like an epoxy since the Water Breaker Protection Rings fit so loosely.

  • Apply “dots” of epoxy in a uniform manner around the interior of the protection ring.
  • Keep the epoxy away from the edges so it doesn’t leak out and block the holes of the Water Breaker.
  • Epoxy or super glue will eat into plastic immediately so if you make a mess it will dull the Water Breaker finish. Think “Less is Better” when you apply the epoxy.


Weight .01875 lbs
Dimensions 2.500 × 2.500 × 0.68750 in


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