Replacement Universal Garden Hose Washers


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For leak-free garden hose connections…
use Dramm Universal Garden Hose Replacement Washers

Renew your garden hose, sprinklers and garden hose accessories with this pro-grade, garden hose replacement washers. The fit standard 5/8″ garden hose couplings and hose-end watering tools.

Molded from high-quality virgin neoprene. Dramm universal garden hose washers stay soft and pliable for years, while common nylon washers become brittle with age. No one likes to get popped in the eye with a rogue squirt from worn garden hose washer. Don’t bother messing around with ordinary garden hose replacement washers. Get the best. Get genuine Dramm replacement parts and be done with it.

That’s it… you got it…crack open a cold one. You’re king of the block baby–you and your new Dramm Garden Hose Washers.

Made in Taiwan
Made from Virgin Neoprene

Length x Width x Height
1.250″ x 1.250″ x 6.000″

Weight: 0.39375 lbs. [ 6.3 oz. ]


Weight 0.39375 lbs
Dimensions 1.250 × 1.250 × 6.000 in

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