480PL Water Breaker


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The Dramm 480PL Water Breaker produces a narrow water pattern designed for specifically for greenhouse growers for watering seedling and plug crop edges.

This pattern is slightly narrower than the 480AL Water Breaker. Over 480 micro holes in the stainless steel face create an ultra soft shower that will not disturb delicate soil or harm tender plants. Made in the U.S.A. from impact resistant plastic and stainless steel. Use a Dramm In-Line Hose Filter to eliminate clogging the micro-holes.

Made in the U.S.A.

Made from Impact Resistant Plastic and Stainless Steel

Length x Width x Height
1.625″ x 1.4375 ” x 1.4375″

Weight: 0.03125 lbs. [ 0.5 oz. ]


Weight 0.03125 lbs
Dimensions 1.625 × 1.4375 × 1.4375 in




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