36″ Touch‘N Flow Pro Hanging Basket Wand


A smart choice for water restricted areas.

The 36″ Touch‘N Flow Pro Hanging Basket Wand is equipped with a lever activated valve. Simply squeeze the lever to water and release the lever to stop while moving from one plant to the next.


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An integrated, ergonomic, insulated lever grip efficiently saves water while watering hanging baskets, window boxes and out-of-the-way locations. Simply squeeze the lever to water, and then release it to stop while moving from one plant to the next. A smart choice to help conserve water.

This unique water wand features a 90° bend and narrow, more directed spray pattern for hard-to-reach spots. The 36″ Touch ‘N Flow Pro Hanging Basket Wand is a must-have for window boxes and hanging basket plants. This one-of-a-kind water wand provides a narrow water pattern utilizing an attached, matching blue #170PL Water Breaker. Available in blue.

Like all Touch ‘N Flow colors, this Hanging Basket Wand can be color coordinated any Dramm Color Storm premium rubber garden hose.

No need to get so bent? Try the 30″ Touch ‘N Flow Pro Rain Wand. It’s great for container and garden bed watering. Do the kids want to help? Check out the 16″ Touch ‘N Flow Pro Rain Wand – perfectly sized for raised container gardening and those who are more comfortable with a shorter water wand.

Assembled in the USA with parts from Taiwan and USA
Made from Aluminum, Zinc, Brass, TPE Rubber

Length x Width x Height
7.5″ x 1.875 ” x 0.5625″

Weight: 0.1875 lbs. [ 3.0 oz. ]

Spray Head Type: 170 Water Breaker

Flow Rate: 9 GPM

Pressure Range: 10 – 50 PSI

Suitable for Low Pressure Use? Yes.

Weight 0.840 lbs
Dimensions 31.125 × 1.4375 × 7.625 in



Touch‘N Flow



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